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Here we are, read us

AUDIO BOOK: narrated by Judith Jones and recorded by Wellington Access Radio

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Comment and media

WELLINGTON ACCESS RADIO, B-SIDE STORIES: Helen Viviennne Fletcher and Trish Harris talk about Crip the Lit and their writing. Listen here
EDUCATION GAZETTE: “It’s important for students who live with a disability themselves to have role models, and for students who enjoy writing to see their peers who are doing it." Read the article

Trish Harris and Robyn Hunt

WELLINGTON ACCESS RADIO: Disabled women writers from Crip the Lit and Here we are, read us: Women, disability and writing talk to Mike Gourley about their work and what it meant to contribute to the book. Listen to the discussion

STANDING ROOM ONLY: Trish Harris, Robyn Hunt and Charlotte Simmonds talk to Lynn Freeman of RNZ’s Standing Room Only about Crip the Lit’s new publication, “Here we are, read us” Listen here

Covers of here we are, read us
AMPLIFYING THE VOICE: “These short summaries are perfectly formed vignettes that showcase each writer’s unique ‘voice’,” writes Mandy Hagar in her blog about Crip the Lit’s new publication, “Here we are, read us”. Read more

Charlotte Simmonds, one of the eight writersFour reviews

CORPUS: "Disability is a reality of human experience (even, eventually, for those currently non-disabled). Here We Are, Read Us is a powerful publication, casting light on the realities and possibilities of that experience,” Sue Wootton writes
NZ POETRY SHELF: "Huge admiration to the editors for bringing this uplifting project to realisation. It is a gift." Read the review
ACCESS BLOG ON PUBLIC ADDRESS: "This free publication leads the way in accessibility over multiple formats." Read the review 
THE SAPLING: "For such a short, simple text – the eight writers get only about 150 words each – it packs a powerful punch." Read the review 


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