Disability Pride Week 2016

Sunday 27 November to Saturday 3 December

LET'S SIVA: "Pati Umaga's wonderful video, Siva, reflects everything we want to celebrate during Disability Pride Week: pride, identity, confidence in who we are and celebration. We'll be playing it everywhere during the week," says Rachel Noble, Co-convenor of Disability Pride Week. Buy a copy of Siva online.

Wellington will celebrate Disability Pride Week, an event initiated and led by the disabled community and opening at Te Papa on Sunday 27 November. The week-long celebration will include a tape art workshop and display, films, storytelling and art. It will end on Saturday 3 December, the UN’s annual World Disability Day .Nick Ruane, Disability Pride Week’s co-convenor with Rachel Noble, says it’s time for disabled people to show their diversity, express their creativity and tell their stories. 

Disabled people make up 25 percent (1.1 million) of the New Zealand population. “We’re New Zealand’s largest minority group and it’s time to claim our place in society – one where we are included, visible and valued,” Nick says.

“The week is about disabled people and the broader public coming together and celebrating our common humanity, and the identity, culture and pride of disabled people. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback and support from around the country and next year, I’m confident it will become a national event.”

Comedy, music and performance will play a big part in celebrating the end of Disability Pride Week, to be held in City Gallery Wellington from 7pm on 3 December 2016.

If you wish to be involved, please contact co-covenors Rachel Noble (rachel@ennoble.nz or text 021 410 300) or Nick Ruane (nick@ruane.co.nz or call 021 100 2635).The organising committee includes Grant Cleland, Tess Casey, Erin Gough and David Corner.

Stay in touch through this website and Facebook.

Events and opportunities

The following are key events to note in your diaries now:

  • Launch at Te Papa: a ceremony at Te Papa from 2pm Sunday 27 November will mark the start of Disability Pride Week
  • Tape art at Asteron House: a group of disabled artists will work with NZ Tape Art artists and create a mural, using blue tape on the windows of Asteron House, opposite Wellington Railway Station. The mural will be created on Thursday 1 December and will remain on display for several days.
  • Telling our stories: This storytelling workshop from 9.30am to 12.30pm on Friday 18 November is an opportunity for people from the disability community to create and shape short stories with a humorous angle.
  • Wellington through our lens: join disabled people as they discuss what it means to be citizens of Wellington from 10.30am to noon on Saturday 3 December. As they talk, the League of Illustrators will re-create their perspectives of Wellington on a large canvas, which will then be displayed to the public.
  • Grand finale: join in the celebrations to end the week from 7pm Saturday 3 December at City Gallery Wellington.

A collage of images of League of Illustrators at work 






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