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The arts can provide an opportunity to improve diversity and segregation. Let me explain.

The arts can be highly segregated. There is segregated seating at concerts. Separate arts festivals also promote segregation. It is not just disabilities; there are separate GLBT art shows that mostly contain paintings of naked men. Of course I am joking, well kind of!

I normally view segregation as bad but in this case, it allows communities to bond over their art. I would be concerned about an echo chamber effect. If people with disabilities mostly go to disability arts festivals, does the art really get out and open minds?

The answer to this is yes, but not to the greatest extent. Of course, you can just enjoy art without a grand purpose though.

On the other side of the coin art can be used to open minds and increase diversity. You can use art to educate people about issues and people view it as entertainment. Stories can be expressed through theatre or comedy. A picture paints a thousand words although I don't know how they worked that out. Wouldn't the number of words depend on the size and detail?

To get the most out of your art, take it to people who haven't experienced your view before. It will open minds.

The arts: segregation vs diversity


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