I have started to realise that performing in the arts can be therapeutic for some people. What triggered this was hearing a comedian say that "some comedians are sad people.

I am aware that some people compensate. Some people who are always posting positive and inspirational things are depressed. They are posting these things to cheer themselves up.

performing masksA friend once told me that he "needed" to perform. I had no idea where he was coming from. I think now I do.

This doesn't just apply to comedians. At a Pink concert, she did a segment about how she loved helping people with her music. It was also obvious to me that Limp Biskit was depressed and music was an outlet for him.

i think that depression is common among musicians and is probably the reason why some musicians end their lives early. Also I believe turning to drugs can be caused by being depressed.

To be honest, I just saw comedy as a business venture and didn't take away any therapeutic aspect from it. I did like writing jokes and think that writing (blogs or jokes) and programming is when I am in my comfort zone.

Sure, sometimes it was good to see people laughing at my jokes. However sometimes I felt extremely disconnected and even got impatient waiting for the crowd to stop laughing.

I lean on the side of bluntness. When I am not feeling good, people know it and I see nothing wrong with that. However, everybody copes differently and that's okay.

Even though I call myself a "Grumpy Cripple", most of the time I believe I am in a normal, static mood, which is neither good nor bad. Unless someone sends me an annoying message or I get a pointless notification from Facebook. If things aren't bothering me I am not usually that grumpy.

This is more of an observation post and but in the spirit of providing solutions ... For some people maybe the performing arts can help with dealing with depression. However, you might want to examine whether it's appropriate for you as some people may find it easier not being in the public eye.

Performing in the arts can be therapeutic


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