As people with disabilities and disability advocacy organizations, it is essential to look into what partnerships we can form to achieve each other's goals. New opportunities may also come from this as people share resources and find mutual goals. The saying "strength in numbers" cannot be more true.

A thing that I learned from the recent Arts Access Advocates: A National Partnership weekend was it is not easy forming partnerships within the disability sector because each organization gets separate funding and must use their resources accordingly. However, since many issues overlap perhaps some sharing of resources is worthwhile. It would lower costs and possibly make funding go further.

Contacts essential in the arts industry

Arts partnerships are also important. If a comedian wants to make a comedy film, they would partner with a filmmaker. A comedian may also want to make songs so partnering with a musician is worthwhile. Art is also very important for promotion so graphic designers are needed. Films also require music; things in the arts industry overlap and having contacts is essential.

Since this is my first post let me say something about what I am going to do here. I blog on five other sites so posts on here will be every three months, probably on issues in New Zealand or technology. I am known as a comedian but I am primarily a software developer. I see my future in the arts industry as creating arts accessibility software, producing screen productions and creating music.

As well as comedy I also perform speeches and will start doing presentations on my accessibility software next year. Whether I will continue to perform all of these in future  is unknown.

It was also great to be part of the blogging panel as I like sharing information. I am grateful for the opportunities Arts Access Aotearoa provides.

Thoughts on partnerships


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