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Collage of images of Grace StrattonCELEBRATING GRACE STRATTON: “What we love about Grace isn’t just her amazing passion for fashion. It’s that she’s been such a tireless advocate for reshaping the narrative around disabled people in New Zealand." Grace is a 21- year-old fashion blogger, influencer and aficionado, and an Arts Access Advocate. She's been making waves in the arts and culture scene since she burst into influencer prominence in 2015. Read more about Grace




Shining the light on disabled women writers

Posted on Arts Access Advocates. Arts Access Advocates


Here we are, read us: Women, disability and writing is the latest Crip the Lit project. We began it last year, Suffrage year, and for that reason we chose to shine the light on disabled women writers. Keep Reading

Thu 04 Apr 2019, 03:28 pm


Arts Access Aotearoa

Bravo, RNZ's Upbeat: Top marks to RNZ's Upbeat programme for this interview with Deaf filmmaker Jared Flitcroft who talks about his short film Tama, using New Zealand Sign Language. Watch the interview and then read more about Tama 

Relaxed music: This video about relaxed workshops and performances has audio description and is captioned.  Read more about the video

Access For All: This video about the importance of access to the arts has audio description and is captioned. Read more about the video 

Arts For All signed: This  New Zealand Sign Language video lets Deaf people know about some of the ways artists, performing arts companies, festivals, museums, galleries and venues can make the arts more accessible to Deaf people.


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